Personalized SIC 12 oz Tumbler with Splash Proof Lid - Premium Powder Coated

  • Laser imprinted (imprint will show the stainless steel of the product)

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Price Includes One Imprint Laser Etched for a Long Lasting Imprint
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  • Monogram
  • Design Your Own
  • Upload Your Own
  • Reorder

Learn more about powder coating and see pictures here.

  • Seafoam (Satin)
  • Flat Black (Flat)
  • Apple Green Metallic (Satin)
  • Black Metallic (Gloss)
  • Bright Orange (Satin)
  • Bronze Metallic (Satin)
  • Burnt Orange (Satin)
  • Cactus Green (Semi-Gloss)
  • Camo Green (Flat)
  • Candy Red Metallic (Satin)
  • Deep Purple (Semi-Gloss)
  • Evening Blue (Satin)
  • Glossy White (Gloss)
  • Gold (Satin)
  • Gunmetal Gray Metallic (Satin)
  • Hot Pink (Satin)
  • Lavender (Satin)
  • Light Pink (Satin)
  • Maroon
  • Mint Green
  • Sky Blue (Satin)
  • Speed Yellow (Semi-Gloss)
  • Super Red (Satin)
  • Black Matte Texture (Flat)
  • Electric Blue Texture (Semi-Gloss)
  • Navy Blue Texture (Semi-Gloss)
  • Sport Red Texture (Flat)
  • Wine Red Texture (Semi-Gloss)
  • None
  • Box - Blue Plaid - +$4.99
  • Box - Green Stripe - +$4.99
  • Box - Camo - +$4.99
  • Box - Pink Stripe - +$4.99
  • Box - Purple Flowers - +$4.99
  • Velvet Bag - Black - +$3.99
  • Velvet Bag - Blue - +$3.99
  • Velvet Bag - Red - +$3.99

The same design will be laser etched on a glass pint glass

3 Ways to Personalize - Monogram, Design Your Own, Upload a File

Laser Imprinted. Learn More.

Pricing Includes Imprint on One Side
(except where noted)

  • PERFECT FOR WINE - Red wines are best to be served between 55-65 degrees while white wine is best 49-55 degrees. Keep your wine at that perfect temperature.
  • PERFECT FOR COFFEE – Some prefer their coffee piping hot while others prefer iced coffee. Our vacuum insulation will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature.
  • PERFECT FOR COCKTAILS – Say goodbye to watered down cocktails!
  • PERFECT FOR BEER – Let’s put it this way… It wasn’t an accident that this tumbler fits a 12oz beer perfectly.
  • SWEAT FREE – Tired of being told to put use a coaster? Tired of rings on your coffee table or condensation on your counter? Our insulation technology guarantees a sweat free drinking experience.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – The design is not only beautiful but also very functional. We designed the 12oz tumblers to fit perfectly in your hand and also in your cup holder.
  • SPLASH-PROOF LID – The 12oz tumblers come standard with the SIC unbreakable splash-proof lid.

  • Imprint Area: approximately 3" wide x 1.25" tall, on opposite side of embossed SIC logo
  • Note: the imprint area is on the bottom half of the tumbler due to the curve in the item
  • Product Dimensions: approximately 3.5" wide (top) & 2.8" wide (bottom) x 4.9" tall (with lid on)
  • Imprint will show the stainless steel of the tumbler